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    by Mgmt / 6 years ago

  • useful? YESNO-1

    nice backend design, but dont` try to have banners on your pages. Their servers too slow and banner code (JavaScript) will stop loading your page

    by admin / 5 years ago

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2 years ago: this is best option for me - stable $1.8 CPM for last 3 months (adult traffic). I`ve less with alternative options and the same sources - adsterra - $0.98, exoclick - $1.1
2 years ago: Good news! today i received email from adhits. "Members, when we announced on November 7th that we were going out of business, we received a huge out pouring of support and many offers to purchase AdHitz. I am pleased to announce we have a buyer and all AdHitz services have been reactivated. The new owners have informed me that they will soon add Paypal for incoming and outgoing payments but, for the time being though, Payza will be used. I will continue to manage the site until the purchase is finalized, which should be completed in a couple weeks..."