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    If you’re looking for good books, e-books or music, Amazon in the place to go. In the comfort of my living room or bedroom, during a break from work or whenever I feel like browsing for something new or learning about the latest music releases, I know that Amazon will deliver. I can browse books at my own pace, save them in customised wish lists and buy all that I choose safely. An example replicate by other vendors.Keep it up!

    by AMF / 8 years ago

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    An online retailer that sells almost everything. You can buy directly from them or the hundreds of private sellers that are online. I have bought books, electronics and films but there are so many other products available. I feel safe using Amazon and have always got a good delivery.

    by Emma / 8 years ago

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    I use Amazon mostly for books. I like the site for several reasons: I can buy books, often at a pretty reasonable price. I can sell books I no longer need. And I can use their affiliate program. Win-win all round for me.

    by Vula / 7 years ago

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    i hate it that amazon doesnt save state of your purchase. like, when you are almost at checkout, and then you need to correct, say, delivery address, you have to fill everything anew. and still, it can hardly be called crap of course, still the nicest shop for books online

    by Alina / 8 years ago

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    Very good shop with huge amount of products and (usually) really nice prices. Free delivery is also something worth noting.

    by rychu131 / 8 years ago

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    i like amazon it is the best

    by salim / 8 years ago

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    A service of Amazon I use a lot is the mTurk service. Basically, you complete simple tasks and Amazon pays you for it. I have made about $40 is a month. Thanks Amazon!

    by Jim / 8 years ago

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    I can not tell you how much I love amazon. I have bought from them so many times. In fact today a package arrived that I purchased over the weekend. Fast delivery and awesome service. A great place to shop.

    by Annie / 6 years ago

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    I would say Amazon is crap as they don’t ship most of the items to worldwide. Moreover they pay a little commission on the affiliate referral, which is seriously bad thing.

    by learn2earn / 8 years ago

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    by Beatriz / 8 years ago

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