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    Avast is one of the most ridiculous products that I have used in my life. The reason is that it is the worst, when it comes to handling most trojans and I have seen it become a virus itself after some point of time, as it makes the pc go very slow.

    by Abhinav / 4 years ago

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    I like avast, but it is a bit on the bulky side for small PC’s without a lot of processing power. It seems like antivirus programs work really well, but the amount of PC resources they take up is unreal. I just wish antivirus programs were a lot less resource intensive.

    But Avast does seem to update their database regularly with new virus definitions, and genuinely have a really good reputation. So I give them a thumbs up, and didn’t have any problems with it being able to discover new viruses and exploits on my PC.

    by Topdog123 / 10 months ago

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    I have avast premier ( Paid Version ). It is the worst antivirus ever. I had a free antivirus for the longest time that worked well. Since I installed avast I have had huge problems with spyware and adware and viruses. It is so bad that I might have to reinstall my windows 7.

    by Chris / 10 months ago

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    just the good enough for browsing into the web.

    But its useless against malware.

    Sad but true.

    by freivaj / 6 years ago

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    Constantly updated, reliable, active, and most of all, FREE! Perfect for people who do not wish to pay for Antivirus softwares.

    by Jim / 6 years ago

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    I have not heard of the product. I think the product lacks publicity

    by neela / 6 years ago

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