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    Blogging depends on the use from the author, can be a truly helpful tool or a disturbing activity.

    by freivaj / 5 years ago

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    If you are seriously going to do online blogging for money, you should sign up with one of the freelance writing sites like or You can even offer blogging services on Or you can check for blogging gigs or jobs on job listing sites like On some sites you will bid for jobs and on other sites you are hired on merit based on samples or feedback. It is possible to make money blogging, but you really have to pursue this as an endeavor and be able to write quickly in order to make money without draining too much time.

    by Thena / 3 years ago

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    Blogging is a great way to earn money. You can create blogs and monetize them. However, the biggest risk with blogging is that your blog can be banned without a prior notice. So, all efforts put in will go down the drain in just a few seconds.

    by sara / 3 years ago

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    I’ve personally made some good money blogging over the years, not on my own blog, but blogging for other blog owners. There are loads of individuals, small businesses and larger companies with blogs and they don’t have the time to maintain them. So they look for people to do that for them. I’ve made thousands of dollars that way.

    by Vula / 4 years ago

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    Blogging is not crap..It is a good one for a newbie to earn online..It is also a good one to have a free webpage easily without any programming knowledge.

    by sidhugsm / 5 years ago

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    Blogging… I would say crap.

    Since many years I am trying to make money with Blogging, I am succeeded almost there but eventually I am strucked with the same earning figures.

    by learn2earn / 5 years ago

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    Blogging or to call it wordpress and many other blogging softwares have giving it for FREE…people(SPAMMERS) tend to misuse it…they create blogs on really useless..only to make money out of it…by Linkbux or by google adsence…they actually dont post anything valuble..

    I know this comment could lead to a debate..but this is 60 / 40 situation …

    by TheHostingKing / 5 years ago

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    Surprisingly enough, Crap/NoCrap does not feature a comment about online writing. Odd!

    This made me want to change this.

    In fact, blogging is one of the most popular Internet activities. Just check the latest trends (in Technorati, for instance) as far as blogging is concerned.

    Used for personal reasons, to chat to friends or for creative reasons, for personal networking or for network marketing, the truth is that blogging is here to stay. You don’t even have to write long elaborate posts. You can opt for micro blogging or for commenting other people’s blogs. I dare you to research a topic of your liking and read some of the blogs on that topic. You will surely find something that interests you. And if you are into reading and networking, you will certainly get hooked.

    by AMF / 5 years ago

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