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    Failed to deliver payment after a month. Their support technicians contradict themselves with their excuses. Avoid BuxP. They are no longer trustworthy.

    by Longtime BuxP User / 6 years ago

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    Buxp Sucks , get ready to loose money.

    porn ads , viruses , unprofessional , rude , get ready to be ripped off when you advertise , rude again , selling DR’s that never click or stop clicking in just a few weeks , more viruses , when i asked in support ticket to have my dead on arrival DR’s replaced for new ones they refused and where very rude to me.

    my review is that Buxp Sucks , stay away from them

    by nonameptc / 5 years ago

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    This PTC has been online and paying over 2yrs. Better than average response to ads. Great support and customer service.

    by D. Mullen / 9 years ago

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    Is it BuxP scam or a legit paying site? You tell me….

    Read this particular situation and then put yourselfs on my shoes and let me know what would be your thinking about buxp…

    I do not enjoy ptc sites as i had experienced a lot of scams. So i decided to use only those who are well established at the ptc market/ptc world.
    For that reason, i always enjoyed buxp, and always received on time.
    Nevertheless, some time ago, buxp had removed payza from their payment system, and that causes that only those who are upgraded or have a paypal verified account can cashout.
    Ok, only those who have one of this situations should click because in any other way will not receive payment from their clicks. But and about those members who have already credits/money at the moment that buxp removed payza payment system? That whats happened to me….

    I can not verify paypal account because i do not use credit cards, and it does not make sense to upgrade my buxp account because i only have one active direct referral, and therefor it does not make any sense to upgrade…

    I tried to cashout using standard paypal… Request denied.
    Send several tickets and wrote about it at buxp forum, requesting one solution to my payment, but the answer is always “to verify paypal” (impossible for me) or “to upgrade buxp membership” (would you spend $7.99 on upgrade to try to cashout $8.8, knowing that you would never recover the spent amount due to having only 1 active direct ref???).
    Recently i had changed my paypal account email, to my cousin email (it is verified) in order to cashout to his paypal account, but AGAIN buxp denied my cashout request because the name on that paypal account is diferent from the name at buxp account. And “what is the problem on that”, i ask… If it is me that clicked and it is me who is requesting payment to that email account….
    For me, it looks like buxp is using all the argument in order not to pay me, and that make me change my opinion on this (ex)fine ptc to SCAM, because if it was a honest site, as this problem exist due to their payment system change (removing payza system), one honest site would make the possible to pay to those members that were afected by that change and that had credits at the moment of that change….

    After being denied my last payment request (to my cousin VERIFIED paypal account, i send another suport ticket, and you can see their answer at this link:
    (i will not post their reply/text here due to make this a even bigger post))

    Please do apologise me about my bad English and about the size of this post, but i think i should inform everybody about what is hapening in order to avoid other people to loose their time clicking in a site never to be paid…

    Now, please tell me you if buxp is a legit or a scam site (even if it has some base to its reply, it should solve this problem to those afected members, CAUSED by buxp)…

    I will post here about any new position in this matter from buxp

    Best Regards

    by Titito / 5 years ago

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    Gonna try it so.

    by x3e6px / 9 years ago

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    already being a member since 2009 and the site always paid me on time even for standard member. an “elite” status is suitable for buxP.

    by jonni / 8 years ago

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    it’s not BuxP.org?

    by freivaj / 8 years ago

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    @freivaj: they have buxp.net, buxp.org and buxp.info
    all of them will bring you to the same page.

    i receive my first payment as premium member, very fast payment. Great.

    by jonni / 8 years ago

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    Very good PTC, many ads,lotto and a game to make cash.

    Also has traffic exchange; for those who wants to promote websites.

    by freivaj / 8 years ago

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    looks like my account isnt exist anymore, fock! another piece of crap in PTC industry

    by admin / 3 years ago

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    I was a member of BuxP a few years ago. I know that a lot of PTC sites either change hands to new ownership, or improve their existing stuff, but they started at 1 cent per click and then stopped. Their clicks turned into like a 1/8 of a cent, and I was like, this is such a total let down. I don’t know about you, but when a PTC totally pulls a “flip mode” and doesn’t pay right anymore, it damages morale, and it sucks. That was just my experience.

    by Topdog123 / 3 years ago

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    I’m a member of this site for about 1,5 years and it has always payed me, I think it is a trustable and reliable site

    by evy / 9 years ago

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    muy buena PTC

    by lulita / 8 years ago

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