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    CashCrate is one of several GPT sites out there. However, it’s one of the older ones and has therefore built its reputation. Though I’ve had an account there for some years, I’ve never reached the minimum payout ($20, previously $10). I don’t think there are as many offers accessible as there are if you’re in the US. I also think the minimum payout’s quite high. Plus, though they have Paypal available as a payment option, my first payment request (if I ever reach it) has to be via cheque. Really doesn’t motivate me to reach for payout to be honest.

    I wouldn’t classify CashCrate as crap, because I don’t think it is. However, it hasn’t worked for me.

    by Vula / 7 years ago

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    the same amount of tasks/surveys/offers provided by 3rd party sites, but nice interface and compensation for referring others

    by admin / 7 years ago

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      CashCrate is a scam! They cut you off from making money before you get the payout. Now they have stopped allowing paid searches unless you earn a dollar a day but you do not get credit for your earnings. They stay in the pending stage and so no matter how much you actually earn, you cannot unlock the searches. They also stopped the paid videos that usually credit immediately, so now the only immediate credit you get is for sign in. That means you can only make 3 cents a day. CashCrate is crap!!!!!!!!!

      by name / 7 years ago

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    I was a member of Cashcrate about 5 or 6 years ago I think. I got the very small amount of money I paid in, but somewhere through signing up to free samples of laundry detergent and things, some thief stole my identity.

    Point is, these free offer sites do very little for you in terms of payback, and create a whole world of worry to deal with in between. I stay away from sites like this now, entirely!

    by Topdog123 / 3 years ago

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