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    Clixsense is a must have if you are earning online. With low cash for upgrade you get many benefits. Earn from direct and indirect referrals. Low payout via paypal or check. I make minimum cash payout at least monthly. VERY dependable with nearly 4 yrs of service to members and advertisers.

    by prettygrl / 9 years ago

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    Clixsense is much better than it used to be. It used to take me AGES to reach payout, even with a premium account, because back then it was purely a PTC site. Nowadays, with an increased number of ways to earn there (surveys, offers, tasks, videos), and with the reduction of the minimum payout for both premium and standard members (now $6 and $8 respectively), it’s much easier to hit payout, and frequently too.

    by Vula / 7 years ago

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    For those who have joined ClixSense long back, they are earning good income as their referral count is good. But if you want to start afresh now, then its going to be hard time around.

    by karshimkanwar / 7 years ago

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    fock! my account was disabled for inactivity. I`ve reopen my account, but… now I don`t have previously unpaid earnings and none referrals in my acc (((

    by admin / 6 years ago

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    Very good PTC and I still don’t got referrals.

    by freivaj / 9 years ago

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    to cashout you have to reach 10$.
    with no referrals it’s a nightmare

    by emerod / 9 years ago

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    recently (somewhere in 2010), ClixSense was completely revamped and now it is one of the best paid-to-click websites, for sure. Also if You can understand what means 8-levels-deep referral system – You need to be there

    by msk / 9 years ago

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      Looks good now I’m a member

      by name / 9 years ago

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    4 years PTC sites can’t be wrong. this sites has online since 2007 and never late in processing their payout. this site is so great.

    by jonni / 9 years ago

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    It’s been here for a long time in the PTC industry and still paying. Maybe the number one PTC.

    by rakamuk / 9 years ago

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    I have been using them since 2008 and they have never missed a payment. I have over 800 referrals and make good money every week!

    by Bill / 8 years ago

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    esta buena

    by lidianick1 / 7 years ago

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    Its not bad and i like their features, check it out if you are interested.

    by Sebastian / 7 years ago

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    the best earning ptc site….compared to others ,i have made a good amount of cash,and with only one referral

    by camille / 7 years ago

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    I’m a member since a few hours ago.

    by abdul / 9 years ago

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5 years ago: I got banned for no reason account suspended and cant no activate it with the suplied link. Also support ticket is not working. This is a big scam, I waisted my time and money. Fuck admin go to hell
3 years ago: This is another advertising site kind of like a traffic exchange. But I never really was able to make appropriate use of it. It's probably just that I wasn't prepared to make proper use of the service in the first place, but everyone else seems to like it, and I hear it actually does get similar results to other free traffic sites, if you know what you're doing. Thumbs up!