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    I get banned! for unknown reason (possible bot clicks to ads on my sites). No answer from support (

    here is what I get:

    “We are sorry, your account has been banned for fraudulent activity.
    If you feel this is in error, please send us a message.”

    by b t c / 5 months ago

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    Withdrawals at 0.01 BTC ( too high to get for me

    by sergey / 2 years ago

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    Another ad network offering interstitial and banner advertising. Payments/payouts by Bitcoin, WMZ, PayPal. Covered almost all websites dedicated to Bitcoin. Fast ad approval. Average cost of click – $0.01

    by msk / 4 years ago

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2 years ago: very low banner traffic, looks like there are a few only active banner ad publishers
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12 months ago: Adhitz is owned by Clixsense, probably one of the best GPT website out there and they are not scams, definitly not, however adhitz is directed to PTC, GPT websites, they have no keyword targeted ads as they remain PTC minded. I have been paid many time by them and ran some campaigns with adhitz, never had any trouble and I just can't remember anyone saying they are scams, unless you tried to scam them, you won't have any trouble. If you have a money making related website - it's a pretty cool platform