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    fock! my account is deactivated! all earnings are lost, there are $0.00 by now ((

    by admin / 3 years ago

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    CJ.com is a pretty impressive ad network overall, but they get to be marked as crap here because of what they’ve done to me on repeated occasions. They decided to start taking their affiliates’ money from them if they have not generated any income within a specified time frame, however they didn’t provide any notification that they changed their policies on this matter. I only found out that they were taking my money after I logged into my account one day and it showed zero earnings when I know I had a significant amount. When I inquired about my missing money, they never answered me back. So apparently someone got to enjoy a nice steak dinner paid for by money that was rightfully mine. If you like your money, stay away from CJ.

    by Kelvin / 3 years ago

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