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    TONIC works quite well for my sweep offers. Its one of the best traffic sources so far for me. I just buy US and DE traffic.

    by Mike / 12 months ago

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    Great “direct navigation traffic” broker with smart and easy-to-use control panel interface. Targeted traffic from $0.01 per unique visitor. Pay-per-click and pay-per-redirect advertising model. Country and interest (by keywords) targeting. Get more sales and leads while spending less than Adwords charges!

    by admin / 5 years ago

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    Would totally recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable traffic source.

    Self service Interface is super easy to navigate and they have a support team in place should you need further assistance.

    by John / 5 months ago

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    I spent ~$100 on traffic driven to a well converting landing page.
    It seems that the traffic is not real, there is no user engagement and not a SINGLE download
    (it’s a free download that convert’s very well on ANY general traffic).

    So I guess this is some kind of click fraud involving, and a total waste of time and money.

    by cyberars / 3 years ago

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    Great source with nice UI. Try it out it’s worth. But you need to invest time to get a positive ROI

    by Andrew / 4 months ago

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    now iit is a Tonic, but looks like the same DNTX

    by admin / 1 year ago

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      by Gerry / 1 year ago

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    just arrived – new option from now: POP traffic starts at $ 0.001 per click. would be great to hear here any opinions about traffic quality

    by admin / 10 months ago

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    by name / 3 years ago

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    by jim / 2 years ago

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    by Johnny Gee / 7 months ago

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    by msk / 5 years ago

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1 year ago: Their Customer Service is really bad like they are fed up with what they doing,They treat you like they are the only traffic source left in the world...Avoid ,I also heard polish customer service in Poland is bad (in general). may be that's the effect.
2 months ago: this is best option for me - stable $1.8 CPM for last 3 months (adult traffic). I`ve less with alternative options and the same sources - adsterra - $0.98, exoclick - $1.1

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