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    I spent ~$100 on traffic driven to a well converting landing page.
    It seems that the traffic is not real, there is no user engagement and not a SINGLE download
    (it’s a free download that convert’s very well on ANY general traffic).

    So I guess this is some kind of click fraud involving, and a total waste of time and money.

    by cyberars / 2 years ago

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    TONIC works quite well for my sweep offers. Its one of the best traffic sources so far for me. I just buy US and DE traffic.

    by Mike / 2 months ago

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    You invest money with this with your own risk, no traffic!
    You will know if you do a keyword research inside DNTX account. Open a free account to test. I stupidly invested money. Now I’m sending email to them, no reply. They even don’t have a solid support system in place.

    I think they are just taking away people’s money, without giving anything.

    by name / 2 years ago

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    Great “direct navigation traffic” broker with smart and easy-to-use control panel interface. Targeted traffic from $0.01 per unique visitor. Pay-per-click and pay-per-redirect advertising model. Country and interest (by keywords) targeting. Get more sales and leads while spending less than Adwords charges!

    by admin / 4 years ago

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    now iit is a Tonic, but looks like the same DNTX

    by admin / 3 months ago

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      Yes, they are the same DNTX. I was foolish enough to fork over $50, and not a single conversion. This was a very popular product, but not on this traffic source. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH TONIC/DNTX!

      by Gerry / 2 months ago

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    crap no conversions

    by jim / 1 year ago

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    by msk / 4 years ago

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7 months ago: Their Customer Service is really bad like they are fed up with what they doing,They treat you like they are the only traffic source left in the world...Avoid ,I also heard polish customer service in Poland is bad (in general). may be that's the effect.
1 year ago: Adhitz is owned by Clixsense, probably one of the best GPT website out there and they are not scams, definitly not, however adhitz is directed to PTC, GPT websites, they have no keyword targeted ads as they remain PTC minded. I have been paid many time by them and ran some campaigns with adhitz, never had any trouble and I just can't remember anyone saying they are scams, unless you tried to scam them, you won't have any trouble. If you have a money making related website - it's a pretty cool platform