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    TONIC works quite well for my sweep offers. Its one of the best traffic sources so far for me. I just buy US and DE traffic.

    by Mike / 3 years ago

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    Great “direct navigation traffic” broker with smart and easy-to-use control panel interface. Targeted traffic from $0.01 per unique visitor. Pay-per-click and pay-per-redirect advertising model. Country and interest (by keywords) targeting. Get more sales and leads while spending less than Adwords charges!

    by admin / 7 years ago

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    Would totally recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable traffic source.

    Self service Interface is super easy to navigate and they have a support team in place should you need further assistance.

    by John / 2 years ago

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    I spent ~$100 on traffic driven to a well converting landing page.
    It seems that the traffic is not real, there is no user engagement and not a SINGLE download
    (it’s a free download that convert’s very well on ANY general traffic).

    So I guess this is some kind of click fraud involving, and a total waste of time and money.

    by cyberars / 5 years ago

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    Great source with nice UI. Try it out it’s worth. But you need to invest time to get a positive ROI

    by Andrew / 2 years ago

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    now iit is a Tonic, but looks like the same DNTX

    by admin / 3 years ago

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      by Gerry / 3 years ago

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    just arrived – new option from now: POP traffic starts at $ 0.001 per click. would be great to hear here any opinions about traffic quality

    by admin / 3 years ago

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    by name / 5 years ago

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    by jim / 4 years ago

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    by Johnny Gee / 3 years ago

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    by msk / 7 years ago

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2 years ago: this is best option for me - stable $1.8 CPM for last 3 months (adult traffic). I`ve less with alternative options and the same sources - adsterra - $0.98, exoclick - $1.1