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    As it’s against Adsense’s rules to use traffic exchange sites to drive traffic to a site with Adsense ads on it, I’ve only ever used EasyHits4U for my non-Adsense sites. With most traffic exchanges, once you get into a daily routine, you do start to see the traffic funnelling through. However, I stopped using EasyHits4U and other traffic exchange sites altogether as I noticed several people weren’t really viewing my site for that long.

    by misseb / 8 years ago

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    I have several years experience with traffic exchanges and EasyHits4U is just simply the best. Only pros:
    > all delivered hits will be counted by Google Analytics
    > many geo targeting options
    > 5 levels of referrals

    by msk / 9 years ago

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    It’s a good website to get more traffic but be careful if you have adsense because it may get you into trouble. I haven’t tried but you should know that Google is very suspicious about traffic exchange.

    by Pyderi / 9 years ago

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    The best traffic exchange.

    by Mack / 9 years ago

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    easyhits4u is a wellknown sites which also has a excellent reputation as a traffic exchange sites. i also used their services some times.

    by jonni / 8 years ago

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    If you need some visitors to your site then EasyHits4U does work. It is great for webmasters with no money or with a low advertising budget. What is important is what you push to the viewers. EasyHits4U has several options to help you target viewers. Their program works, you just need to work it. All you have to do is write a nice article and you will get some traffic from people that do take the time to read.

    by fjworld / 8 years ago

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    Since I am a SEO Guy, I am always concerned about the things which effect the SEO of any page.

    Not only EasyHits4U, the traffic exchangers sites are bad concerned with SEO, Google considers them as the fraud visitors and have negative impact.

    So I give a Crap to EasyHits4U site.

    by learn2earn / 8 years ago

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    I found that with EasyHits4U, a lot of the traffic I used to receive wasn’t that genuine. My bounce rate was off the chain. If it’s a traffic exchange site (‘exchange’ being the operative word here), then I guess that’s what some people are doing – they exchange, but don’t spend any amount of time looking at a site beyond what the timer requires.

    by Vula / 7 years ago

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    I have spent hours clicking in http://www.easyhits4u.com – a lot of credits which i have never used – Banner credits never used – was blocked without notes – sent a request for Why I was blocked – NO Answer. Was asked by a customer to report it to FTC.

    by Zena Karelin / 5 years ago

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    in two words – this is #1 manual traffic exchange. There is none services like this by numbers of active users (more than 1.200.000) and daily pageviews (more than 1.000.000)

    by user / 3 years ago

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    Woah, I would not use this service if I would have known ahead of time what it could do to your adsense account! Maybe it works great with sites that don’t have adsense on it but stay away if it does!

    by Jim / 8 years ago

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    simply easyhits4u is the best traffic exchange

    by salim / 8 years ago

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    I was a member of EasyHits4U a few years back, along with InboxDollars. As a traffic exchange, it was a good experience, but overall I have to give it a thumbs down even though it works. Here’s why : Easyhits4u displays millions of ads frequently, but if people can’t figure out how to make it work out for them, then it’s kind of damages the morale of people interested in making money online. This traffic exchange works, but it seems like the majority of the time, people end up getting their dreams smashed in with overly inflated hopes.

    by Topdog123 / 3 years ago

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