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    Great results! I`ve spent $6 for 237 visitors and.. voila! 3 sign-ups converted to 2 sales! Traffic quality is like Google Adwords but at least three times cheaper

    by msk / 6 years ago

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    As of 15.11.2012, the Elephant Traffic brand as well as its customer base has been acquired by Team Internet AG. Now it is – http://www.dntx.com

    by admin / 4 years ago

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    Generic domain type-in traffic provider. Not sure about minimal deposit – but I`ve started my advertising campaigns with $6 from my PayPal and within 5 minutes (including campaign setup). Average CPC for my ads $0.05 there – looks nice

    by msk / 6 years ago

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1 year ago: Adhitz is owned by Clixsense, probably one of the best GPT website out there and they are not scams, definitly not, however adhitz is directed to PTC, GPT websites, they have no keyword targeted ads as they remain PTC minded. I have been paid many time by them and ran some campaigns with adhitz, never had any trouble and I just can't remember anyone saying they are scams, unless you tried to scam them, you won't have any trouble. If you have a money making related website - it's a pretty cool platform