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    fast service for bank check clearing. withdraw your money to mastercard or webmoney

    by admin / 9 months ago

Visit website: http://ePayService.com

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4 years ago: but Paxum have $1 fees for purchasing via POS terminals and $0.5 for declined transactions
5 days ago: https://www.ambercutie.com/forums/threads/paxum-closing-personal-accounts-in-usa-withdraw-now.30328/#post-906896 these mf they did not warn no one on there closing of paxum to americans they say business account ok for now but personal ones closing in the usa cause of rules..they have not contacted all companies they told me the companies that paxum is wrong to do this and not warn them..the companies pays the webmasters on paxum as business to personal accounts..i told them they are gave everyone more time like few months more just contact media and companies...they claim they made there decision that usa is a small market for them..this seem be a blow to the porn webmasters and other webmasters economic structure seem they doing this cause trump won they would did same shit if bernie sanders had won hes a independent demicrat close to repulican demicratic or independent republican he was going to tax the companies and raise pay to the regular working force to $15us hour and give folks 3 month vacation time off to be with family..alot of webcam models going be mad and hookers online they use paxum....everyone need spread the link what paxum done
5 years ago: There are major cons of using Payza than its alternatives. It charges high transaction fee, high bank wire transfer fee and some users also complaints of no buyer or seller protection whatsoever. And more sad thing is that goods once sold can't be returned back.