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    I am a reputed seller on Fiverr since 2 years. Although I earned a lot over there but slowly the earnings started diminishing as Fiverr only promotes new gigs or featured gigs. The gigs that are not being promoted are of the Level 2 sellers and so they do not earn much. So, right now I am looking for something better than fiverr.

    by sara / 4 years ago

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    Be avare when You buy “permanent” backlinks from Fiverr sellers – I have bought a bit of them about half a year ago. 7 of 10 purchased links from different sellers already “expired” ). Expecting this I asked sellers about yearly renews, but no answers or renewal reminders received.

    by msk / 6 years ago

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    I joined Fiverr a good many months ago, but never really took it any further than that. I”d be more tempted to buy a service there than sell. What put me off selling was the Fiverr charge for each sale: $1 of every $5 made. That”s 20%. Plus there”s PayPal fees to consider too. Didn”t seem worth it to me. Saying that though, I would consider selling a service there if it was something that didn”t take me more than 10 mins to complete.

    by misseb / 6 years ago

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    Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services for $5. I have yet to buy anything there but you can buy services to help with your internet business such as backlinks, articles etc. I have sold a service but you need to make your gig stand out as there is a lot of competition. After paying fees you take $4 profit from each gig sold.

    by Emma / 6 years ago

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    I checked out Fiverr, and it’s a really great and valuable business schematic. If you’re only allowed to post $5 gigs, then of course that naturally prevents people from becoming overbearing, and actually gets a lot of jobs that need doing, DONE.

    So I like Fiverr, and because of its outstanding reputation, I would totally use it if I needed some cheap online labor tasks done. Graphics, articles, “off the beaten path” one time things (product promotion with a model/actor, etc.)

    by Topdog123 / 10 months ago

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    I used to make $100 per month or more on Fiverr. While that sounds good, Fiver takes $1 per every $5 gig. So for every $100, you only net $80. Since they pay via Paypal, you are hit with Paypal fees, too. I wish they wouldn’t take such a high percentage of the gig money. After I figured my rate per hour of work vs. the $ I was netting from Fiverr thru Paypal, it didn’t make sense to keep offering my gigs there.

    by Miz Jessica / 4 years ago

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    I’ve been with Fiverr as a seller for a little over a year. I don’t make that much there, but the little I make does help. The most I ever made in one month was $40, but the norm tends to be around $8-$15 a month for me. I could make more if I promote myself more. I know some people make much more than I do, so I know it’s possible.

    Misseb, yes, you’re right; if you can think of something to sell on Fiverr that really doesn’t take you that long to complete, then it can definitely be worth it.

    by Vula / 5 years ago

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