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    I am the owner of I created the site to demonstrate that you can have a PTC site that is designed to be around and paying honest people for a very long time. It may not be for everyone but I can tell you that I have seen many, many PTC sites disappear since I started launched Feb 03, 2009

    The main focus of the site is on operating an Advertising/Marketing program for preferred members that I call my customers. It is a challenge because most people just want to be clickers and not advertisers. I have to implement features that address both the clicker and the advertiser. I offer many incentives to customers and with their help I put the money back into advertisements and promotions.

    I welcome all feedback and I work hard to improve fjPTC to meet customer needs now and for the future. Continuous Improvement drives me to implement several unique features not found in most PTC sites.

    by FJ / 5 years ago

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    fjptc is a good site. when i was a member there, i got no serious problem there, and the support are very responsive. however i have to eliminate this site (and some others too) since i have no enough time to do my college homework for now.

    by jonni / 5 years ago

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    Very good site.

    by JJ / 5 years ago

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    fuck fuck

    by diego / 3 years ago

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    I like this site and the owner is an honest person. That said he apparently has some notion every member is using a bot program to click the ads because he has way too many anti cheat questions he requires you to answer in the PTC area. I consider this wasted time that I could use viewing more ads in less time. Also free members should be able to request payment we can in every other PTC.

    by Art Stevens / 3 years ago

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