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    Gift Hunter Club is one of the newer sites on the GPT scene (launched Jul 2012). You get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete tasks, etc.

    I like the site because it’s fairly uncluttered and easy on the eye. Once you sign up, it’s quite easy to get into. Also, the minimum payout’s a low $2.00 and I get paid the day after I put in my request. I only joined in early Feb and I’ve made $13 in all so far.

    by Vula / 1 year ago

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    $0.50 for each referral and only low minimum payout ($2) – sounds good!

    by msk / 11 months ago

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1 year ago: Crowdology's a survey site. Open to UK residents only. Compared to other survey sites, the minimum payout's pretty low at £4.00. I don't cash out that often because I don't get surveys that often - and when I do, I get screened out sometimes. However the surveys are relatively short and can be interesting. Cashout is via Paypal only and is sent instantly once requested which is great.
11 months ago: CashCrate is a scam! They cut you off from making money before you get the payout. Now they have stopped allowing paid searches unless you earn a dollar a day but you do not get credit for your earnings. They stay in the pending stage and so no matter how much you actually earn, you cannot unlock the searches. They also stopped the paid videos that usually credit immediately, so now the only immediate credit you get is for sign in. That means you can only make 3 cents a day. CashCrate is crap!!!!!!!!!
5 months ago: easy going. straightforward surveys. Like many other of the reviewers I've had a mystery shopping assignment which was interesting and paid £100 as well! The smaller payments soon add up. It almost feels like money for nothing. Excellent company
4 months ago: Hello everybody, Loot Palace is very amazing website. here you can get gift cards for free. this website have a huge variety of different gift cards,that is for almost all age peoples. for example,if you are Movies Lover,means you like films and the new movie released and you wanted to watch it online at your home but you know that you need money to buy that movies and you need to spend your money but not anymore because Loot Palace is giving you your favorite movies for free. you wont believe it but its true, Loot Palace offer free gift cards like : Netflix Accounts,Redbox Rentals,Regal Cinemas Gift Cards,Spotify Premium Subscription etc... you can charge your account with credit and can buy the newly released,blockbuster movies or your favorite ones and the good part is you don't have to pay a penny.You will get all these cards for free,That means you can enjoy your favorite films for free Now the question is how can you get these cards,well its very easy. Loot Palace website offers free gift cards in exchange of plunder points,Plunder point is the name of the currency used in Loot palace, How and where you can get these plunder points ? its very simple just go to Loot and sign up for free and after sign up you can start earning plunder points, you can earn plunder points by many ways.some methods are given below Earn free plunder points by Taking surveys and completing them, By listening the music and watching the videos, By downloading and playing games, By completing task and by playing social games and so many more. Here you can also chat with other members of the loot palace in the chat lobby, If you have any problem with earning plunder points you can contact to admin any time because they are available to you 24/7. Believe me this website is best,Once you join this website then you will see it by yourself.

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