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    by now I`ve 91 referral. From them 5 are active (made more than 50 points) and one of them made >18000 points, so I`ve cashed out about $17 only with my referrals!

    by admin / 1 year ago

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    $0.50 for each referral and only low minimum payout ($2) – sounds good!

    by msk / 4 years ago

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    Gift Hunter Club is one of the newer sites on the GPT scene (launched Jul 2012). You get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete tasks, etc.

    I like the site because it’s fairly uncluttered and easy on the eye. Once you sign up, it’s quite easy to get into. Also, the minimum payout’s a low $2.00 and I get paid the day after I put in my request. I only joined in early Feb and I’ve made $13 in all so far.

    by Vula / 4 years ago

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    gifthunter is dead for me since they remove second level of referrals ( no passive income – none reasons to promote, sucks…

    by admin / 1 month ago

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