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    Gift Hunter Club is one of the newer sites on the GPT scene (launched Jul 2012). You get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete tasks, etc.

    I like the site because it’s fairly uncluttered and easy on the eye. Once you sign up, it’s quite easy to get into. Also, the minimum payout’s a low $2.00 and I get paid the day after I put in my request. I only joined in early Feb and I’ve made $13 in all so far.

    by Vula / 2 years ago

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    $0.50 for each referral and only low minimum payout ($2) – sounds good!

    by msk / 2 years ago

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2 years ago: Crowdology's a survey site. Open to UK residents only. Compared to other survey sites, the minimum payout's pretty low at £4.00. I don't cash out that often because I don't get surveys that often - and when I do, I get screened out sometimes. However the surveys are relatively short and can be interesting. Cashout is via Paypal only and is sent instantly once requested which is great.
2 years ago: CashCrate is a scam! They cut you off from making money before you get the payout. Now they have stopped allowing paid searches unless you earn a dollar a day but you do not get credit for your earnings. They stay in the pending stage and so no matter how much you actually earn, you cannot unlock the searches. They also stopped the paid videos that usually credit immediately, so now the only immediate credit you get is for sign in. That means you can only make 3 cents a day. CashCrate is crap!!!!!!!!!
3 months ago: nice backend design, but dont` try to have banners on your pages. Their servers too slow and banner code (JavaScript) will stop loading your page
3 months ago: By far the best survey (and competition) site I have joined. I've been a member of Viewsbank for over a year now and manage to get a payout every month.
3 weeks ago: UUU! and lost all Your money in 2013 (hope so)

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