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    Several years ago Google cancelled my account and it was there error. To this day they refuse to resolve the issue. They seem to think that they are big enough that they can just dismiss a lot of people. Well I am no longer happy with them and so my quest is to take my money somewhere else. I suppose they don’t need money from a small business owner like me. I find it extremely insulting the way they dismiss people as if Google is infallible.

    by Jack / 5 years ago

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    Google cancelled my account too, but I had it coming. At the time I was so incredibly enthralled by the possibility of making some cash online, that I wanted to see the numbers rise with my friend clicking the ads to appease me. Even though it was only a couple of measly dollars (I think $5 or so, if that’s right?), they cancelled my account immediately.

    And the process to get approved by Google again is tough, I think but I’m not sure, but that’s just what I hear. But as far as payments go, I saw some people get pretty rich off Google Adsense. So obey the rules and prosper, they’re totally Not Crap!

    by Topdog123 / 9 months ago

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    I haven’t experienced the crap side of Google Adsense if it indeed has one. However, it’s not anywhere near the top of my list when it comes to earning online, let alone near the middle.

    I’ve received Adsense earnings twice; the first was when I reached minimum payout – and the second was a surprise payout as I hadn’t reached payout. I can’t remember their explanation for it, but I was pleased to receive it.

    by Vula / 5 years ago

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    Google has cancelled my account without a reason.

    So they’re crap.

    by freivaj / 5 years ago

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    I just started using a company that is similar to Adsense called I think they care more about their members and they have really major advertisers. No crap.

    by Sara / 5 years ago

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    by toppopularstore / 6 years ago

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