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    3-rd day my site connection speed is between 10s and up to 35s. Some times connection lost. Terrible speed and no answers to my two tickets. I`m sure there all is fine with my websites – the same 200-300 visitors daily and the same $12/month. Just terrible picture. Moving to another host at last.

    BTW: It should be noted that HostGator, JustHost, BlueHost, and HostMonster are all owned by the same company Endurance International Group (EIG).

    by admin / 4 years ago

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    I really like Hostgator. Been hosting my content with them for about four years with no problems so far. When I first signed up, I only had to pay a cent for the first month. I pay $9.95 a month which I consider to be pretty reasonable for the service I receive. They have really good customer support too – friendly, professional and patient (in my experience).

    by Vula / 5 years ago

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    HostGator has always been quick to help me out with any issues I’ve had, which I’ve had very few of.

    by Jeremy C. / 7 years ago

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    I love HostGator. I’ve been with them for two years.

    by Tim / 7 years ago

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    i never tried their service, but my friends recommend me to use their services when i already have my own sites.

    by jonni / 6 years ago

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