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    A CRAP avenue as it allows OTHERS to flood your email with THEIR CRAP. I have cleaned this comment up to pass the CRAP censors.

    by Gray Wary / 4 years ago

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    Unadulterated crap and not to be trusted. Imnica Mail is a scam company.

    Sagar Mehta of Imnica Mail contracted our company to carry out some marketing for the business. Over 40 hours of our time was put into delivering this requested assistance.

    As with any other project we asked for the money to be paid upfront. Sagar Mehta upon the work being delivered to the company instantly carried out a Paypal chargeback against us and the full amount was immediately taken out of our account leaving us without payment for the work put in on Imnica Mail behalf.

    This business is not to be trusted at all.

    by Rupert / 4 years ago

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      Sagar has not worked for Imnica Mail for over a year. We have not contracted any company to do any marketing for us, nor have we done any chargeback.

      I SUSPECT this comment, which appears more than once, may actually be false, and done by someone intending to do our company harm.

      Richelo Killian

      Imnica Mail CEO

      by Richelo Killian / 4 years ago

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    I joined this autoresponder as it was free but I really couldn”t understand the website and they didn”t show you how to get started properly. It”s free for a reason.

    by Emma / 6 years ago

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    by BOB / 10 months ago

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