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    Hi All,
    I have registered with as a advertiser . Im Selling leather jackets online.
    So they told to pay $ 25 as initial to start the campaign. So i made the payment on March 21 2017. Next i got email that my campaign has been rejected (without providing any reason).
    and the amount of $ 25 has been reversed. but till date i did not received my payment back in my account. on every email i have send to them , they revert stating that amount has been released from our end talk to your bank. I spoke to bank number of times but they says every thing is clear from our End . so i really don`t know what has to be done .
    I have just started my small business and these fake people like are kill us.
    Kindly Help me.
    Thanks in advance

    by Manish / 4 weeks ago

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    Infolinks, I have been using them as a Publisher on all of my blogs and I am not satisfied with what they are paying out to the users. You get a penny or two or single ads click? That isn’t fair!
    If you just need $0.01 per click then better us Paid to Click program. Infolinks should understand that there is difference between Paid to Click and Pay Per Click.

    by karshimkanwar / 4 years ago

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    I’m not quite sure what happened with me and Infolinks. One minute it was working perfectly fine on my site. Then after a while, it wasn’t. There’s nothing I’d done differently on my site to warrant it. I decided to let go of that one as a potential money earner – it wasn’t earning me that much anyway.

    I revisited Infolinks a month or two ago and couldn’t remember my password. I tried to retrieve it and never received a reminder in my inbox. I gave up after that.

    by Vula / 4 years ago

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    I use InfoLinks so I know first hand. They do not require you to have a certain amount of traffic which is good for me.

    They did raise the payout from $10 to $50 🙁 but the click value is really nice should you get a real click (one you did not ask for … this is a big no no)

    They do not have a referral earning plan so you only earn from your own merits. This could be just as good for those of us who do not do well finding referrals since they do pay a good fee for people you send from your site that click on their links. 🙂

    by prettygrl / 5 years ago

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    Infolinks is a In text advertising network which allows publishers to make money with what content they have on their blog.

    This will highlight commonly used texts on your webpage and will provide ads over it.

    by toppopularstore / 5 years ago

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      usually I saw very poor ad relevance for highlighted keywords

      by msk / 5 years ago

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