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    Thank you,, for helping our company disseminate news quickly and easily. Your representatives are courteous, highly professional and pay attention to the smallest details. Customer support is top notch!

    Sam Kinnerson
    Director of Communications

    by Sam Kinnerson / 4 years ago

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    Working with this knowledgeable and professional staff makes issuing a press release a breeze. Everyone at has gone above and beyond to exceed our expectations.

    Alexander Bekerman
    Communications Manager

    by Alexander Bekerman / 4 years ago

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    We plan to issue all our press releases through We are extremely impressed with the user-friendly service, the helpful and knowledgeable client support and are reassured by the security measures taken. By switching to, the cost savings we have realized over traditional wire services are significant.

    Tomoko Sedgwick
    Investor Relations Manager

    by Tomoko Sedgwick / 4 years ago

  • useful? YESNO not only has great prices but wonderful people that really know and care about our business needs. The services you offer in comparison to other wires is exceptional. One example in particular includes real-time pricing details when issuing a press release – this really helps us manage our spending ahead of time rather than being surprised at a charge from an invoice we received via mail.

    David Spencer
    Public Relations Manager

    by David Spencer / 4 years ago

  • useful? YESNO is used by registered journalists, offline and online medias and other key audiences looking for the latest news and information related to particular industry topics.

    All submitted releases are emailed to these registered, key media contacts following the receipt of your press releases. They will also be included in their RSS/XML topic related feed listings.

    You have to register first, complete the form and simple procedures, in order to send FREE press releases within your target groups of interest and relevant business sectors.

    by Anthony / 4 years ago

  • useful? YESNO serves all of your FREE press release distribution needs.

    Independent online press release distribution is on offer, combined with innovative new media services, facilitating self controlled and targeted communication processes between PR agents, companies and the media.

    Whether your press releases has to be delivered locally or internationally, is your starting point for fast and directly targeted FREE press release distribution.

    by Georgina / 4 years ago

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