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    This site is ok in some ways but all add are .001! lucky to make a penny a day, and referal renting is pointless = $0 going downhill in my opionion unless you can get like 5000 referals

    by Tyler T / 8 years ago

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    Neobux is a big scam i wasted $200 and lot of time in this site. he fucked man suspeded account and now never reply anything haram khor ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    by kashak / 6 years ago

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    at least 6 ads paid 0.001$.
    Rent some referrals with the neopoints (1 point every click), that’s worth.
    cashout 2 dollars for the first time

    by emerod / 8 years ago

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    I have mixed feelings about Neobux.

    I like that you are paid instantly once you meet minimum cashout and click cashout.

    I don’t like renting referrals. If you have a couple hundred or in some cases a couple of thousand you have to go through them each day and figure out who is dead weight and who is earning you money. You constantly are paying to recycle referrals or extending your rental of them. You don’t make big money unless you buy upgrades which range from $90 yearly and add additional upgrades which go as high as $890.

    by Debby M. / 8 years ago

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    You need to be a gold member to reach a real profit…

    And active referrals, a lot of them.

    by freivaj / 6 years ago

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    I seriously had high hopes from this site, but what I have got from this site is waste of time. It would have been best, had I used the time I wasted here in making investment in the stocks. That would have yielded me better results.

    by Abhinav / 6 years ago

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    yes, it pays really. but if you click and get $0.02 daily and reach minimum payment in 100 days. but if you invest back in renting referals it is a waste. i tried for one year. my own clicks itself came to $11 + but i invested in renting referals and my balance came down to $2. i wrote about this in forum. sad, they suspended my account. SO PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE.

    by Raj / 5 years ago

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    It’s one of the best, the thing about to get referrals, applies for any site.

    by freivaj / 8 years ago

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    Easy to use ptc service. Worth checking. It’s already 3 years old and can be trusted.

    by MastaZavr / 8 years ago

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    I’ve been a member since the opening, I got paid several times without investing a lot. Now ads values have decreased, but I think it’s still worth it, and you can withdraw instantly.
    It used to be a top site but now, it’s seems to get just as standard.

    by jason / 8 years ago

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    neobux is a legend in international ptc. i have been years being a member in that site. the sites always paying instantly, great forum and support.

    by jonni / 8 years ago

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    This site can trust and pay instantly.
    But the price is too cheap only 0.001, if you don’t want to upgrade, don’t join this site.

    by KNg Chi Keung / 8 years ago

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    i have retired from this site as you cannot make profit,money has to be used for referrals constantly,too costly,get nowhere

    by cam / 6 years ago

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    I’ve been a member of Neobux for a few years now, and it’s totally made my dreams come true! Because I was always constantly contributing to the site, it gave me contribution power! I’m still building my account, but I get to live a much happier lifestyle depositing to the site every month! People seem to not want to bother me, and that alone allowed me to accomplish some really amazing things.

    It does make money, but for most people like me, just not A TON. But it gets me some nice things that I need, and it’s instant cashout money I can turn to in an emergency.

    by Topdog123 / 2 years ago

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