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    I Strongly recommend Osum Cabs. You can book anytime, anywhere, in Bangalore city. Try Osum Cabs With Added Security to reach your destination Safely, They Charge only Kilometer fare, No Extra Fare, No Surge Pricing, No Peak Hour Charges, No Pay Per Minute Fare.
    Offline Cab Booking Call-
    080–4130–4130/ 080–4133–4133.
    Deals in: Cab Services, Airport Taxi Services, Call Taxi, Car Rental, Taxi Services, OSUM Cabs, outstation taxi, local taxi, low fare taxi

    by Manjunath / 3 years ago

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    I always wanted to travel in cabs I used this osum cabs for traveling once.I have good experience traveling with this cab service.they timing is good and service too.the drivers driving was also good and safe.they cost per kilometer is also lesser than another cab service.
    Low fare cab services in Bangalore city. | Osum Cabs

    by neha / 2 years ago

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