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    Old but still very nice ad network. There is used bid-for-placement model.
    As publisher You could earn more than many of CPM ad network will pay you.
    As advertiser You can run very cheap but effective ad campaigns. Selecting ad spots manually – You can get very cheap traffic, about $0.01 per visitor

    by admin / 5 years ago

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5 months ago: good ecpm for publishers. up to $0.12 per click for me. its worth to use on your website, even replace a few adsense ads with units
7 months ago: Yes, the review left by the admin is true. Adhitz is owned by Clixsense, and I'm a member of Clixsense. Adhitz is one of the very first sites that really got me interested in Paid To Click. I've always been interested in making money online, and getting to see all the advertisements, and even running your own ads, is cool! It's fun! If you've got the energy to put into it, that is. That's the one thing I remember about PTC sites, is that they require time and staying power (energy).
3 years ago: very low banner traffic, looks like there are a few only active banner ad publishers