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    Qmee is an application you download onto your browser. When you do a search on the web for a product (on eBay or Amazon, for example), Qmee delivers their own version of ads that you can click on. When you click on an ad, you get paid a certain amount.

    There’s no minimum payout. You can cash out when you want via Paypal and you get it soon after.

    It’s in beta at the moment, so joining is via invitation code only.

    I used Qmee. Tested it out. It’s OK. Just that I found it buggy on the browser I had it on (Internet Explorer). Decided it wasn’t worth it, so took it off. I might install it again in a few months when they’ve hopefully worked the bugs out.

    by Vula / 2 years ago

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      Hi Vula,

      We have been working on a new IE version as we appreciate the old one was extremely buggy, so was wondering if you would be interested in trialling it first?


      by Amy / 1 year ago

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      how did u delete it?

      by denise / 6 months ago

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    Its not a scam i have been paid 55 p and i only got it today. But yes there are periods of no links, seems they don’t want you to get too much money a day. But i think it’s worth it even for 50 p a day, if it continues.

    by kuba / 1 year ago

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    35p on first day then nothing. Rubbish. Dangerous rubbish that can track every move you make on your computer.

    by dubstar / 6 months ago

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    qmee suckz so hard!!…I made $0.18 on my 1st day, but since then, no matter what i search 4 it gives me absolutely nothing and I’ve had it for about a week now. I can’t even buy a stick of gum with 18 cents. It would have been ok if it gave me ads at least once a day, but it was more like ad one day, then nothing else forever. I so cant figure out how to uninstall it…

    by cassie / 3 months ago

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    sorry, but it looks it will give you few pence on first day, whatever you searching for, and then nothing. but they have view into everything what you are doing on your computer all the time. i’m not saying they misuse that info, but it’s very helpful for them to see and control, what people are looking for the most…
    I will keep it for a month and if i can buy some ps3 game for it for example, good. if i will have some 2 £ in a month, it’s not worth the risk, that someone is monitoring me, so bye bye…

    by marco / 7 months ago

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    by TWOMBLYRED / 1 year ago

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    Hi Amy,

    Sure. Why not? Will give it another go.

    Take care…

    by Vula / 1 year ago

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    Great! Can you drop me an email at support@qmee.com so I can send you the link to download in the next couple of days?

    by Amy / 1 year ago

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    I had the same experience and so I took it off. John Royden

    by John Royden / 1 year ago

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    Have been using this since 4 days ago and I don’t think it’s a scam or rubbish as I’ve been paid 44p already but as others have mentioned there are periods of time where results do not pop up, I’m using a slightly older pc could that be the problem?

    by Robert / 1 year ago

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    Earned 71 pence on first day, thought to myself, hmm this is nice. 3 weeks later nothing, not a single one. Then I realized that the 71 pence probably earned them 50 times that amount, plus they can monitor our searches while the prog is on your browser.
    Byeee !

    by charliesou / 4 months ago

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    I want to remove Qmee from my computer. They don’t provide that information on their website. Naturally, I find it even more disconcerting that they don’t offer information if you no longer wish to participate. Seems fishy. Anyone know how you go about removing it from your system? Thank you!

    by Rebecca / 3 weeks ago

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