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6 years ago: VKontakte is a social networking site similar to Facebook and more popular in Russia than Facebook. However, expect no privacy when you sign up and expect a lot of spammy and fake profiles. Because of the way that VK's file sharing system works, it's easy to download music and movies for free, but these are pirated which isn't cool.
5 years ago: By far the best survey (and competition) site I have joined. I've been a member of Viewsbank for over a year now and manage to get a payout every month.
8 years ago: The site does an exceptional job doing this service. Video2mp3 is the only site I know of that provides this. However, the ads seem to be increasing day by day. A few months ago, the site only stuck to basic ads, but pop-ups are starting to appear. However, since this is the only website that does this and has monopoly over this area of expertise, it is recommended.