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    nice one! this is rare case when clone (another fiverr) is popular as prototype ) have bought a few Google+ and bookmarking packages and fully satisfied with them

    by msk / 3 years ago

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    I buy and sell on SEOClerks, have been for some time now. I know the guy that originally created it and it has really come a long way. It has kinda grown famous, IMO. Anyway, it isn’t crap and you’ll earn money if you sell, or get a fair deal if you buy.

    by Ben W. / 3 years ago

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    SEOClerks rocks, I love this site. I’ve earned over $10,000 from selling and I buy all the time.

    by admin / 3 years ago

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    SEOclerks is a wonderful site to be a part of. I have been earning on this site for a while now and the income is nice to have. The owner is a wonderful guy as well and very easy to get a long with. Just post a job and you can have some buy your gig and then you get paid for doing the work. Very simple really.

    by Angie W. / 3 years ago

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12 months ago: Adhitz is owned by Clixsense, probably one of the best GPT website out there and they are not scams, definitly not, however adhitz is directed to PTC, GPT websites, they have no keyword targeted ads as they remain PTC minded. I have been paid many time by them and ran some campaigns with adhitz, never had any trouble and I just can't remember anyone saying they are scams, unless you tried to scam them, you won't have any trouble. If you have a money making related website - it's a pretty cool platform