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    SEOLinkRobot Stephen Hawkins is an out and out money making scam. With this piece of blackhat ‘software’ Stephen Hawkins is spreading the lie that this software of his will help to boost your search engine ranking position when quite the opposite is true.

    Google the dominant search engine has made it quite clear with their Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates that this is just the sort of SEO practice which they utterly condemn. Yet Stephen Hawkins owner of SEO Link Robot says the complete opposite via his homepage where he wants you to pay him a good sum of money for something which is a blatant lie bordering on fraud. In fact it is fraud plain and simple.

    Google wants to see high quality content not thousands of utterly useless backlinks provided by countless numbers of insignificant websites which are extremely thin on content. These are exactly the kind of backlinks this kind of software provides.

    Getting people to believe that this software carries weight and authority to dominate Google and the other major search engines is just plain stupid. There is a reason why Google employs hundreds of PHD programmers to overcome this exact problem, people like Stephen Hawkins writing a few lines of code and packaging it up to sound like the best thing since sliced bread in an effort to game Google, to trick them (those search engines) into believing a website has more authority than is actually the case.

    Google hates this kind of activity with a vengeance and if you value your Google SERPs positions you’ll avoid paying for software such as this garbage offered by Stephen Hawkins which will do for your business a lot more harm than good. In effect buying this trash is like pouring good money after bad.

    SEO Link Robot and Stephen Hawkins the man behind it, a former policeman no less, this is 100% a money making scam. There is a reason why his dominant marketplace for this trash is the Warrior Forum / scam central for all internet marketers and network / affiliate marketers all likewise peddling their rubbish get rich quick schemes and easy push button ‘solutions’.

    At the end of the day, if you use tools like this to help boost your search engine ranking position you are asking for trouble. You are veritably asking for trouble from googfle for the second they notice you trying to garner their system, tricking them into believing your site is more important than it really is rather than rising up through the search engine rankings you will in fact do the exact opposite and plummet downwards like the proverbial lead balloon.

    The only person SEO Link Robot benefits financially is Stephen Hawkins and nobody else. Avoid.

    by Greg / 6 years ago

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    looks like Stephen Hawkins has moved Seorobot

    by admin / 3 years ago

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