3 years ago: I paid for a membership last Thursday and immediately regret it. I emailed them and they replied. Letting me know how I could work my way in the system and find a match. They asked me to wait at least 24 hours for results and so I did. 24 hours later, NOTHING. The system didn't work and I was unsatisfied. They said if I wanted to cancel, they will help with the refund. I cancelled in the hopes that I would not get billed. They did reply me? NOPE. I emailed over and over and over again. THEY DIDN'T REPLY AT ALL. They give you this illusion of trust in the beginning and then POOF they disappear. Now I'm trying hard to get my money back and I hope it'll work. I cannot imagine others who have paid so much more to lose their money in their search for love. This is such a shame. Neil Warren should be ashamed to call himself a Christian. He is not a true Christian as he is tricking people. NEVER EVER TRY EHARMONY. Save your money, save yourselves!