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8 years ago: I thought all the commotion around this tablet was all but marketing provoked. I thought it was just another sophisticated gadget. Any tablet would do the same, with basically the same straightforwardness and user-friendliness. I was wrong. Mobile phones and tablets exist by the thousands, and where I live people love them. I am no exception. So I ventured and bought myself a 7' tablet. Not an iPad... I was trying to make the most of networking and marketing possibilities, without spending as much as I would if I had bought Mr. Job's creation. To my regret, some marketing applications cannot be downloaded from Android Market, because my tablet is not compatible. The same applies to Amazon's Kindle reader... I would have no such problems with iPad. Or with a better tablet for that matter. Serves me right! Cheaper is not always better, especially if newbies get to choose their own gadgets!