money transfer
3 weeks ago: it says wire transfers 5-7 working days for 50 usd, i paid that then a week after i asked them where is my money they said i have to wait for accounting confirmation email then after the email i have to wait another 5-7 working days, i still havent got the email from their accounting, I mean WTF. Paxum - bunch of scammers. stay away
3 years ago: but Paxum have $1 fees for purchasing via POS terminals and $0.5 for declined transactions
3 years ago: I have had only good luck with paypal. I have used it for several years now and do not mind the fees. I had to dispute a charge once and they were ready to work with me. I recommend it to anyone on here.
4 years ago: There are major cons of using Payza than its alternatives. It charges high transaction fee, high bank wire transfer fee and some users also complaints of no buyer or seller protection whatsoever. And more sad thing is that goods once sold can't be returned back.