3 years ago: I'm giving proof (below) and a massive fair warning to the open public... YouTube has a mega YouTube scamming and e-begging networking ring on it... These corrupt criminals are openly breaking YouTube's Community Guideliness for scamming... I've reported many videos/channels for violation of terms and YouTube doesn't seem too concerned... You were all warned... =) Alex Jones Thanks His Supporters - TheAlexJonesChannel - July 12th, 2012 He disabled the video comments on the video... Look in his video descriptions to this video he posted on that day and *LISTEN* to what he's saying and how he pitches his scam... For those of you stupid enough and gullible enough to willfully support a mega YouTube scammers and e-beggars networking ring who openly break YouTube's Community Guidelines will deserve exactly what you get... Keep your wallets closed lol lol lol... =)