6 years ago: 3-rd day my site connection speed is between 10s and up to 35s. Some times connection lost. Terrible speed and no answers to my two tickets. I`m sure there all is fine with my websites - the same 200-300 visitors daily and the same $12/month. Just terrible picture. Moving to another host at last. BTW: It should be noted that HostGator, JustHost, BlueHost, and HostMonster are all owned by the same company Endurance International Group (EIG).
Hosting metrohostingmetro.com
9 years ago: Great webhost service, good bandwidth and loads of space for a really affordable price. I’ve been using this service for years and it never played any bad surprises. If you’re looking for a webhost this is one that you should certainly consider. For me it’s the best price service relation.
4 years ago: Their services drop everytime. You are working on some project and suddenly the FTP client doesn't connect anymore for whatever reason
2 years ago: Started my website here so put loads of hours into it. It was shit back then (nearly a decade ago) and it's even shitter now. There's not a day I can go in to tinker which doesn't require hours of work-arounds for things that don't work. Have spent all last night and this morning just trying to get a background on my home page, but alas, still no joy. Useless fucking thing, Weebly. And the staff have always been rude and obnoxious, which deterred me right from the start from actually paying them money. I'm at the point now where I've just shut down everything but the front page with contact details - and a fucking generic background because their tools will simply not let one upload their own without completely fucking up the mobile version. Avoid the pain. Start your website anywhere but here.