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    managed to used it properly once. even being from Eastern Europe, webmoney takes so much time. You have to make countless verifications. Log in system is full of crap.

    by Simnas / 8 years ago

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      Yes I’m agree.I just can’t believe how stupid reason they are giving to decline documents. My ID is verified, My address is verified, I paid Passport fee, I complete verification process in 15+ days and sent my documents notarized and Public Notary officer and also attested.

      My signature on my verified Govt Issues National Identity card and Application form are same, also application form is notarized and attested (Attestation means Notary office certify everything on the form written include signature) and still they are asking me to send again with signature certify.

      I contact Notary office and he said every thing already verified and again I will do same way, so what the hell I can do more?

      by I hate WebMoney Support / 5 years ago

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    Registration and log-in takes too much time, mostly Russian and Eastern European service. There are much better services.

    by mastazavr / 9 years ago

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    As hard to make the registration and verification, as good and secure is the service.

    I’ve made many transactions in this processor without a single problem.

    by freivaj / 7 years ago

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    Imagine? Russian dollars? Putin one side Borak Obama opposite… I will be glad to see that… iTHINK Borak Obama should be in VATICAN otherwise amerikans die even russians didn’t put atomic bombs to them… THAT BAD..

    by Diana Anna Binduka / 5 years ago

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