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    What a piece of junk. Don’t use it if you know any html, as you’ll only screw up your entire site. It’s a crutch, and a poor one at that. The code it creates is very glitchy and poorly formed.

    by JRD / 5 years ago

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    Just want to agree that Weebly is THE shittest website editor in the motherfucking universe. I need it dead.

    by Anj Avraam / 1 year ago

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    It sucks ass. It doesn’t save SHIT, requires you to buy all their fucking crap. Don’t bother using that website -_-

    by Anonymous / 1 year ago

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      You are definitely correct, what a piece of junk. The people who made the websites are fucking broke as fuck and trying to grind their ass off for money. Don’t use that website ITS TRASHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      by Weebly is ass / 1 year ago

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    Too many failures and strange behaviour… suddenly can’t edit my blog properly..select text and it all disappears..can’t add image into text… useless software

    by Les Morris / 9 months ago

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    Complete rubbish .. it’s gone downhill fast since its inception. If they wanted to get rich fast, they should’ve studied dentistry, banking, or politics!

    by Gogo / 2 years ago

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    super frustrating and limited

    by KP / 2 months ago

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    Have to agree cant even send me my form replies to my email sucks shit…

    by Chris / 4 months ago

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    by Emma / 6 years ago

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      You’re a fucking lying piece of shit. Weebly is a god damn ripoff piece of shit and it doesn’t work worth a fuck.

      by Asshole / 5 months ago

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