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    Really bad traffic no quality dont waste your money.

    by Fahad / 6 years ago

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    Avoid ZeroPark, poor service. Waited till I made a deposit before asking for further ID, provided it no response for over a week. Requested a refund loads of delays then finally refunded but only did a partial refund. Don’t waste your time with this company.

    by Matt / 3 years ago

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    Their Customer Service is really bad like they are fed up with what they doing,They treat you like they are the only traffic source left in the world…Avoid ,I also heard polish customer service in Poland is bad (in general). may be that’s the effect.

    by Paul / 3 years ago

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    They just eat your money, traffic does not convert.
    Tried several offers, nothing, no conversions.
    From the tracking is impossible to make proper decisions, if nothing converts or the targets spread traffic evenly.
    Don’t waste your time with them.

    by Pepino Verde / 2 years ago

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    waste of time. Bot traffic.

    by sunner / 1 year ago

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    similar to – bookmarked, need to try anyway )

    by msk / 5 years ago

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